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Additional local number formats

Greetings from Russia, comrads!

Here in Russia, cutted off by roscomnadzor's iron hedge, we use both decimal comma and decimal dot (point?).
We can write "3.14" or "3,14"
Moreover, sometimes we print numbers in wrong keyboard layout (fuck Stalin!), so we get "3б14" or "3ю14"
Currently in LO, for example, for page size, I should use decimal comma.
It would be great if you made LO correctly recognize these cases for Russia localized version.
This will improve user experience and make work in LO more pleasant (maybe, in this point even more pleasant, than in MSO).
Moreover, maybe it is a good idea to treat first non-number non-space symbol as decimal comma?

Best regards, NickKolok

P. S. Please enable pages great than 300x200 cm. Yes, we need it!
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