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FR community budget request for 2018


The FR community would like to organize 3 workshops in 2018:

- one QA workshop: testing LO, filling a bug on bugzilla, help on
bugtriaging, etc
- one Certification workshop: how-to apply for certification, what
documents are necessary to produce, what should I read/know, how-to
prepare my interview, etc
- and one on documentation: how-to participate, what is needed, how-to
write good how-tos, how to do screen casts, etc. + work on actual

Workshops will be hosted at my co-working space at no costs.
Thus I request a budget for traveling and accommodations for 5
participants to each workshop whish gives an average of 1500 € per
event, then a grand total of 4500 €.

Sophie Gautier [hidden email]
GSM: +33683901545
IRC: sophi
Release coordinator
The Document Foundation

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