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Hi Mihail, thanks for your feedback, forwarding your mail to the
doc@list. Cheers - Sophie

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Source: &lt;ahelp
the &lt;link href=&quot;text/swriter/01/05130004.xhp&quot;
name=&quot;Numbering Style&quot;&gt;Numbering Style&lt;/link&gt; that
you want to apply to the paragraph.&lt;/ahelp&gt; These styles are also
listed in the &lt;link href=&quot;text/swriter/01/05140000.xhp&quot;
name=&quot;Styles and Formatting&quot;&gt;Styles and
Formatting&lt;/link&gt; window if you click the &lt;emph&gt;Numbering
Style&lt;/emph&gt; icon.

Current translation: &lt;ahelp
&lt;link href=&quot;text/swriter/01/05130004.xhp&quot;
name=&quot;Numbering Style&quot;&gt;стила за номерация&lt;/link&gt;,
който искате да приложите върху абзаца.&lt;/ahelp&gt; Тези стилове са
достъпни и чрез прозореца &lt;link
href=&quot;text/swriter/01/05140000.xhp&quot; name=&quot;Styles and
Formatting&quot;&gt;Стилове и формати&lt;/link&gt;, ако щракнете върху
иконата &lt;emph&gt;Стилове за списъци&lt;/emph&gt;.

Your question or comment:

I think the relevant icon in the &quot;Styles and Formatting&quot;
window is actually labeled &quot;List Styles&quot;, not &quot;Numbering

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