LibreOffice at FOSDEM - Call for Papers

Posted by Florian Effenberger Florian Effenberger
2011: Brussels, FOSDEM... Your first chance ever to give a talk for
LibreOffice at this great open source event... obviously you don't want
to miss this!

Do you want to share your experience in starting to hack the code, or
tell about the tweaks in your build environment, talk about the code
changes you have done or those that you prepare, or do you want to share
insight on your QA work? Simply submit your proposal at our wiki:

We really like you to share in the way that fits you best, be it 5, 10
or up to 30 minutes :-)

It might well be that we'll have to choose between the various
proposals, after all FOSDEM is only two days ;-) So please give a clear
description of your talk, goals and target audience. For details, see
the outline that is provided at the wiki.

FOSDEM is a free conference to attend, and we will try to seek
sponsorship. But funding is limited, so please only request it if you
cannot attend otherwise, and we will try our best to support you.

Thanks a lot,
TDF Steering Committee

More info:
- For questions mail [hidden email]
- Discussions with developers and code hackers take place on
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