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Numbering issues

Don't know if I sent this email to the correct address. So, I send it again.

When selecting:

Format-> Bullets and Numbering-> Options-> Numbering-> 壹貳參

The numbers are not consistent. Please fix them:


“參”should be “叁”, in particular. “四五六七八九”are not consistent with the format.

The corrections should be:


Next, another numbering issue to be fixed:

九拾八. ----
九拾九. ----
佰. ----
佰壹. ----
佰貳. ----
佰參. ----
佰四. ----
佰五. ----
佰六. ----
佰七. ----
佰八. ----
佰九. ----
佰拾. ----
佰拾壹. ----
佰拾貳. ----
佰拾參. ----

That should be 壹佰零壹, 壹佰零貳, 壹佰零叁……壹佰壹拾,壹佰壹拾壹……

I did not try
 “壹仟零壹”or “壹萬零壹”.

Please fix the issues.

(Is there any way to fix the issues on my own?)

C. H. D.

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