TDF offers preview of future product and technology developments

Posted by Florian Effenberger Florian Effenberger
The Document Foundation offers a preview of future product and
technology developments

The document at the centre of a developers' friendly environment

The Internet, November 9, 2010 - "The Document Foundation is about
documents and the associated software is pivotal to create, exchange,
modify, share and print documents", says Thorsten Behrens, a software
developer and a member of TDF Steering Committee. "LibreOffice 3.3 is
the first flavour of this long term strategy, but the journey has just
begun, and the enormous advantages of our developer-embracing
environment are not yet fully reflected in the upcoming software release".

LibreOffice 3.3 is based on OOo 3.3, with code optimisations and many
new features, which are going to offer a first preview of the new
development directions for 2011 and beyond. TDF founders foresee a
completely different future for the office suite paradigm, which - in
the actual format - is over 20 years old, to be based on the document
(where the software is a layer for the creation or the presentation of
the contents).

TDF developers are working full steam at improving the overall quality
of OOo code, which is a good starting point, and making easy testability
of the code and quality assurance a priority. This is an area where new
developers and code hackers, whose number has grown to over 90 in just a
month, are instrumental for the bulk of the activity.

In addition, each single module of LibreOffice will be undergoing an
extensive rewrite, with Calc being the first one to be redeveloped
around a brand new engine - code named Ixion - that will increase
performance, allow true versatility and add long awaited database and
VBA macro handling features. Writer is going to be improved in the area
of layout fidelity and Impress in the area of slideshow fidelity. Most
of the new features are either meant to maintain compatibility with the
market leading office suite or will introduce radical innovations. They
will also improve conversion fidelity between formats, liberate content,
and reduce Java dependency.

"The Document Foundation is going to be at the heart of the Free
Software universe, where users want to build a different future for
office suites, working together with developers", says Italo Vignoli, a
digital immigrant, and the oldest member of TDF Steering Committee.
"Users read, write, modify and share documents, and are focused on
contents rather than software features. After 20 years of feature
oriented software, it is now the right time to bring back content at the
centre of user focus".

The house of The Document Foundation is at

The Document Foundation has the mission to facilitate the evolution of
the OOo Community into a new open, independent, and meritocratic
organization within the next few months. An independent Foundation is a
better match to the values of contributors, users and supporters, and
will enable a more effective, efficient, transparent, and inclusive
Community. TDF will protect past investments by building on the
achievements of the first decade, encourage wide participation in the
Community, and co-ordinate activity across the Community.

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