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Re: RfD: Non-corporate user representation? 1 reply Discuss
Re: RfD: Non-corporate user representation? 7 replies Discuss
Re: Pimpl-ization 0 replies Dev
Re: Query about the direction of EMF/EMF+ processing 1 reply Dev
Re: C++11 on master (towards LO 4.5) 0 replies Dev
Re: ODF extension elements 0 replies Dev
Re: Formatting of README files 1 reply Dev
Re: SalGraphics::mirror() question 1 reply Dev
Re: Migration of Gerrit to new Infrastructure - DOWNTIME planning 0 replies Dev
Re: Discussion of Bug 37759 - Pixel around Objects like ellipse 0 replies Dev
Re: minutes of ESC call ... 1 reply Dev
Re: minutes of ESC call ... 1 reply QA
Re: coverity warnings update, < 200 8 replies Dev
Re: minutes for call about new testing hardware 1 reply Dev
No board meeting today 0 replies Board Discuss
Re: VS2013: improved C++11 conformance 0 replies Dev
Re: Windows TB 39 & 42 builds of master need some help 0 replies Dev
Vote on TDF joining the Open Source Business Alliance 0 replies Board Discuss
Erinnerung: Tag der Stiftungen am 1. Oktober 1 reply Discuss
Re: Community-Wochenende - Termin, Ort 0 replies Discuss
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