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Re: Publication of ledgers 0 replies Board Discuss
Re: --show still see GUI 1 reply Dev
Re: Question to Bug 93052 - When save, generate unused list-styles in context.xml 0 replies Dev
Re: My work 0 replies Dev
Re: [Libreoffice-commits] core.git: accessibility/source basctl/source basic/source canvas/source chart2/source comphelper/source dbaccess/source framework/source include/o3tl include/sfx2 sc/inc sc/source sdext/source sd/source slideshow/source svgio/inc svtools/source sw/inc sw/source xmloff/source 1 reply Dev
Re: pumbaa downtime 1 reply Projects
Re: [libreoffice-projects] pumbaa downtime 1 reply Website
Re: [Libreoffice-commits] core.git: slideshow/source 0 replies Dev
Invitation to formal in-person board meeting 2015 1 reply Board Discuss
Re: Unterschiedlichkeiten : TDF_LO gegenüber AP_OO. 1 reply Discuss
Re: Review backlog 1 reply Dev
Re: Review backlog 10 replies Dev
Re: [VOTE] Re: [board-discuss] Grant request: LibreOffice project dashboard/"All about LibreOffice" 2 replies Board Discuss
Re: Build Error -1073740940 12 replies Dev
Re: Build Error -1073740940 14 replies Dev
Re: Ease maintenance of build-in help 3 replies Dev
Re: Ease maintenance of build-in help 3 replies Documentation
Re: [GSoC15] Chained Text Boxes - Report Week 9 0 replies Dev
Re: Impress Slideshow Mode Not Displaying Properly 0 replies Users
Re: [Text Chains in Draw] A few question on general handling of chains of text boxes 0 replies Dev
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